2019 House of Refuge Lecture Series


General Lecture Series Information:

A series of four lectures is scheduled, each for two consecutive days, one morning and the next evening, one lecture per month, January through April.  Season tickets are offered first for four morning lectures or four evening lectures.  Individual tickets are offered a week before the lecture if space permits.  Ticket holders are seated first and individual tickets are offered if there is space.

Season Tickets: $50.00, for either all four mornings or all four evening lectures-go on sale in November.
Individual Tickets: $15.00.  Space permitting, individual tickets will be offered as early as one week before the lecture.
House of Refuge Museum, 301 S. E. MacArthur Blvd.-Stuart, Florida 34996  www.houseofrefugefl.org  Phone: 772-225-1875

Parking is very limited; consider carpooling from the Elliott Museum.